Theradome Helmet For Hair Growth Vs Other Laser Hair ReGrowth Devices

January 23, 2023

Are you noticing signs of premature hair loss or thinning? You’re not alone. The World Health Organization estimates that the number of people with alopecia (hair loss) is 2 billion worldwide. Not to worry, a variety of treatments now exist to help stop and even reverse hair loss without resorting to surgery. One increasingly popular option is laser treatment, like Theradome’s Laser Hair ReGrowth Helmet — but how does it compare to other devices on the market?

In this article, we will break down how Theradome stands out from other similar products while providing key information about their technology and effectiveness so you can make an informed decision when deciding how best to address your hair concerns.

An Overview of Theradome's Hair Growth Helmet

The Theradome Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet is a revolutionary device capable of stimulating hair regrowth while also increasing its thickness and strength. Powered by proven laser light therapy techniques, it utilizes the power of over-the-counter laser light diodes to deliver gentle low levels of light at exactly the right frequency that stimulates hair follicles in the scalp. As a result, you can see fresh, new growth in as little as 6 to 8 weeks and results keep getting better with continued use.

Treatments are clinically proven and noninvasive which make them an excellent choice instead of costly prescription treatments or hazardous medical options. Designed for convenience, this battery operated helmet operates both cordless and silently so users don’t have to worry about disruption amidst their everyday routine. With regular use, you can experience noticeable visible results in less time than ever before!

Comparing Theradome to Other Traditional Laser Hair ReGrowth Devices

When considering the best laser hair regrowth device for your needs, it is important to compare Theradome to other traditional devices. Traditional devices rely on low levels of laser energy, delivering light from bulky, stationary equipment and require multiple treatments at a specialist’s office. Comparatively, Theradome harnesses 80 lasers delivering therapeutic light directly to your scalp for the most comfort and convenience. the device is cordless and rechargeable making it easy to use in any situation - at home, in a hotel room or even outdoors!

As with traditional devices you should expect visible results within a few months if used bi-weekly as instructed - however these results are typically much more pronounced with the Theradome Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet than traditional counterparts.

Benefits of the Theradome Helmet

The Theradome Helmet provides an innovative approach to hair regrowth that stands apart from other treatments like topicals and supplements. With no uncomfortable side effects, users of the helmet can get back to their life and activities after each treatment. The Theradome Helmet is FDA-cleared for safety and efficacy, so users who are concerned about their hair loss can be sure that the product's results are backed by scientific research.

It's a painless treatment option that has proven to work in as little as 4 months of use, providing results without the need for expensive surgery or prescription medications. Best of all, it's an at-home solution that you can easily incorporate into your own day-to-day routine — a powerful and effective way to restore lost hair with just 20 minutes, 2 to 4 times per week.

How the Theradome Device Works to Regrow Hair

The Theradome Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet is a non-invasive, wearable device that uses low level laser therapy (LLLT) to successfully restore hair growth. It's designed to target the dormant hair follicles on your scalp and works by bathing them in nourishing, therapeutic light energy which stimulates them to begin the regrowth process. With regular use, this can lead to thicker hair and healthier scalp tissue. Not only is it an electromagnetic solution to hair loss, but using lasers means no medication or surgical interventions are needed to get results.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends using it for 20 minutes every other day for up to 6 months, giving your hair time to respond and start showing new growth. With its convenient wireless design and easy setup, you can start seeing significant progress sooner than you may think!

Clinical Studies on the Effects of Theradome's Laser Therapy

Theradome's laser therapy has been the subject of two clinical studies - the first, a 24-week study from 2016 involving 89 participants with mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia; and the second, a 2018 40-week multicenter randomized clinical trial with 188 alopecia areata patients – that demonstrate its potential efficacy when used as part of hair regrowth treatment.

Both studies yielded promising results in terms of increased hair count, improved scalp coverage, and higher quality hair. This is significant news for those looking for an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, which have not achieved satisfactory results or have had undesirable side effects. With such promising evidence on the effects of Theradome's laser therapy, it appears to be a safe, reliable option for restoring hair growth.

Theradome's Line of Laser Helmets

Theradome laser helmets has superior medical-grade lasers that they consider to be the most powerful lasers in the world.  They penetrate the scalp up to 5 mm for maximum follicle stimulation, more than any other at-home laser hair growth device. They have two helmets in their lineup with 80 and 40 lasers respectively.

The light therapy device starts delivering fast and lasting results in as little as 4 weeks. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the PRO LH80 device is tremendously effective for hair growth, with a remarkable 98% success rate. Patients experienced improved hair growth and reduced hair loss in just a few short weeks of use!

Both helmets are backed by a 6 month money-back guarantee


Theradome PRO LH80


Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Hair Growth Helmet contains 80 premium high-energy density lasers that stimulate hair follicles and speed up hair regrowth. Recommended treatment is 2x per week for 20 minutes per session.

Theradome EVO LH40


Theradome EVO LH40 Laser Hair Growth Helmet contains 40 premium high-energy density lasers that stimulate hair follicles and speed up hair regrowth. Recommended treatment is 4x per week for 20 minutes each session.

Cost Comparison of Different Laser Hair ReGrowth Devices

There are many commercial laser hair re-growth devices on the market, but before making a purchase, it is important to understand the differences between them. Theradome is one such device and its Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet has been proven to be more cost effective than other laser hair regrowth products. It operates with low-level laser therapy, using 82 medical grade lasers specifically targeted at preventing permanent hair loss.

The Helment uses a unique helmet shape that deeply penetrates your scalp for optimal results and uses fewer sessions than competitor models - saving time and money in the long run. Additionally, Therdrome's patented technology has been tested and approved by dermatologists and certified as safe. In short, it is worth considering Theradome's Laser Helmet if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality solution for your hair regrowth needs.


Over the course of this blog post we have discussed Theradome's Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet and how it compares to other traditional laser hair regrowth devices. We have looked at the various benefits the Theradome helmet provides for consumers, such as convenience and safety, as well as its clinical efficacy. We have also explored how the device works to stimulate scalp cells and re-energize dormant follicles in order to regenerate hair growth. Lastly, we compared different laser hair regrowth devices on cost and value for money.

To summarize, Theradome's Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet is an innovative and highly effective device that can provide significant results in terms of regrowing new hair without breaking the bank. Thus, if you are looking for a safe, easy-to-use solution that is clinically proven to induce new hair growth without having to leave the comfort of your own home then Theradome is certainly worth considering. To check prices, go direct to the AMAZON Theradome page.

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